Personal Coaching & Facilitation

Workshops and classes are in the Boise, Idaho area. But if you prefer to work in an individual setting we can arrange workshops and classes via Zoom.

Also in an individual setting we can go into more depth and detail and have more flexibility to fit your personal needs and goals. Contact to learn more how I do personal coaching.

Workshops & Classes

All of the workshops below can be done in a corporate, school or community setting.  Abbreviated versions of these workshops are available for luncheons, club meetings, lunch & learns, meetups etc.

Introduction to TRE®

This is a 90-minute experiential introduction to TRE® (Trauma & Tension Releasing Excericses) developed by Dr. David Berceli. This class will explain the theory and history of TRE. Then we move into an introduction to the exercises and into neurogenic tremoring. This class may be helpful for 1st Responders, military, teachers, nurses, hospice workers or anyone who carry the stress from traumas or experience chronic stress. To learn more about TRE® read the posts under the Blogs.

Neurosculpting® for Stress & Mental Health

Neuosculpting® is a 5-step meditation practice designed by Lisa Wimberger. This is 2.5 hour class begins with a high-level exploration into the neuroscience and physiology of stress. Then we move into two meditations designed to leverage some of latest findings in neuroscience. Neurosculpting meditations are a blend of neuroscience and traditional mindfulness. A high correlation has been showed between regular meditation practice and reduction of the markers of stress in the body. To learn more about Neurosculpting® read more under the Blogs page.