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Neurosculpting® is a whole-brain meditation practice designed by Lisa Wimberger. She has published books that you can find on Amazon and you can watch her You-Tubes. Neurosculpting® is a meditation practice designed to help you bring calm to your nervous system, help regulate your emotions and to renegotiate fears, bad memories and negative beliefs.

Neurosculpting® leverages and applies what is now regarded as an axiom of neuroscience that says that when our brains are in a state of heightened awareness, our brain cells or neurons actually wire and map together in new combinations, so that whatever we are focusing on becomes more easily accessible in the future.  The neural pathways actually become more dense and thus easier to access. It’s like turning a dirt path into a highway. This is called neuroplasticity. ‘Plastic’  simply means adaptable or changeable.

Believe it or not what we now call ‘Neuroplasticity’ has only become mainstream neuroscience and widely accepted in the medical community in the last 50 years. Until recently the prevailing view was that after a certain point in childhood our brains don’t change. It was held that you were stuck with the brain you have.   We no longer believe that.   We now know that our brains are plastic; that is, they are changeable. That means that we are NOT stuck with the brain you have now! This is good news. This is a hopeful message. This means that you are NOT forever condemned to repeat negative and self-sabotaging patterns of thinking.  But here’s the deal. In order to get neurons to wire together in new ways, it requires focused attention!  When our brains experience heightened awareness and are in full focused attention, that’s when neurons wire together in new ways. This happens during charged or highly novel events or through repetitive focus.

Neuroscultping® leverages this new understanding of how our brains change in order to help us renegotiate negative memories and beliefs and bring calm to our nervous systems. We know that our brains can get hijacked into states of focused attention by both fear and by novelty. When we are threatened our fight or flight center, our Limbic Brain, is activated. But when we are confronted by something novel or curious our prefrontal cortex is activated. The prefrontal cortex (PFC) is the area we use for rational thinking, analysis as well big picture thinking and intuition.

The problem can be that the Limbic brain (fight or flight) can be over-active and dominate our emotions and our thinking. When this happens our ability to use our rational and intuitive brains in the prefrontal cortices (PFC) is limited. This makes it hard to rework fearful memories or negative beliefs. In fact, we need to use our PFC to examine and rework our negative beliefs and memories. That’s what Neurosculpting® is designed to do. Neurosculpting® meditations first quiet and relax our Limbic (fight or flight) Brain. Then the meditation stimulate the PFC by invoking novel imagery and ideas. Once our fight or flight center is quiet and more oxygen and glucose is flowing to the PFC , the PFC uses intuition and reason to find creative ways to rework negative memories and beliefs into more positive ones. This is what Neurosculpting meditations do. This is the method. This is the genius of Neuroscultping®. We understand what our brains need in order to function in more positive and supportive ways. To renegotiate and rework negative memories and beliefs and effect change in our lives we repeat this process over and over until the desired effect is achieved.

I would love to tell you more about Neuroscultpting®.

Steve Tanner (MDiv, CNSF, CTREP , CC) is a  Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator, a Certified TRE Provider and a Life & Transformation Coach. Steve believes in the power of using writing and Meditation as tools for exploring your creativity as well as finding healing and transformation. For info about workshops and seminars contact