What are the Pathways to Integration?

Hello, thank you for stopping by this site!

It is my MISSION to share some easy-to-learn yet effective tools to manage stress and to release everyday traumas, and to help you increase your personal vision and hear your inner voice.

For me the gold ring is to become an emotionally and spiritually intelligent and integrated person. The question is “How do we get there?”

I have found that to become a more integrated person I need to do the basics such as keeping my body healthy, getting exercise and sleep, following a sound diet, and doing some intermittent fasting. But I also need to employ strategies to bring calm and balance to my nervous system. That is, I want my nervous system to be Regulated or balanced. When I am doing what I can to keep my nervous system regulated and my body healthy, I find that I have more success at regulating and integrating my thoughts and emotions as well.

Consequently, I want you to know that there are tools and skills that are easy to use to help you in your pursuit of body and mind regulation and integration.

I use a combination of NeuroSculpting® meditation practices and TRE® (Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercises). These are both simple yet powerful techniques to release traumatic residue from your nervous system to help you achieve greater regulation and integration.  I am a Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator through the Neurosculpting® Institute and Certified TRE® Provider through TRE For All, Inc. Please read my blogs for more about Neurosculpting® and TRE®.

Steve Tanner

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